About Bayakha

Bayakha is a Zulu word meaning: “they are building; bringing forth or producing; creating.”

Bayakha Infrastructure Partners is an authorised, Black-owned, specialist infrastructure fund manager licensed by the Financial Services Board as a Category II financial services provider (FSP number: 47414).


Established in 2015, Bayakha was created as a direct response to the growing need for fund management firms with the capabilities to identify and deliver financial and impact-returning infrastructure investments. Bayakha couples alternative asset-class management capabilities, with a focus on addressing the specific funding challenges of Black-African market participants, to ensure that its investments transform both the structure of the economy and the dynamics of infrastructure access.


Our mission is to play a catalytic role in the development of the African continent by solving capital-intensive development challenges. Specifically, Bayakha responds directly to Sustainable Development Goal number 9, which seeks to bring about international development through investments in infrastructure.


Bayakha’s vision is to prove the viability and social impact of Infrastructure as an asset class. We endeavour to invest in infrastructure projects that have a transformative impact on the economies & communities of developing countries AS WELL AS deliver financial returns to the local & international partners that invest in our funds. Our vision is thus founded on our intention to:


  • Lead infrastructure fund management through a focus on social impact, environmental stewardship and strict
    adherence to governance.
  • Transform the ownership patterns of infrastructure assets by availing institutional funds to qualifying, previously excluded entrepreneurs, industrialists and innovators.
  • Achieve additionality and impact through the diversification of our sector-focus to include social infrastructure such as water, hospitals, schools and social housing.


To this end, South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) serves as our initial platform, providing a clear and large pipeline of assets that align with Bayakha’s renewable energy focus. These assets, underpinned by strong community development license obligations, also address Bayakha’s social impact mandate.

Our Values

Our values mirror the things we care about namely: Environment, Society and Governance.




Client Centricity

 Environment & Climate Change Mitigation


Bayakha Infrastructure Partners is an authorised financial services provider (FSP number 47414)

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